Monday, November 29, 2010

Marilyn, the 350z sittin' pretty.

I'd like to give a shout-out to the homie, Deolio on the Slamburglars Forum, for sitting properly sidewaiiz and Happy Birthday ya old fart. Here's a little coverage of his little baby "Marilyn" doin' work at Word Up! (a little drift event presented by Fatlace, on 11/20/10).

With some gnar daily specs, sitting with BMW 7-series wheels
(F)19x10j -4et 235/35 ; (R)19x10j -12et 245/35

and for drifting, WedsSport TC105N/BMW 7-series combo
(F)18x9.5j -10et 225/40 ; (R)19x10j -12 et 245/35

Check out the rawness, doin' big boy thangs!

His wheel even popped off the bead, but that still didn't stop him from sliding that day.

He went to a local tire shop down the street, got it repaired and joined the next session.

Raw footage, filmed/edited by Max Gemmell

Big shout-out to my other fellow, Slamburglars "The Frame-Bang Gang", for being awesome and doing what they do best. "Tuckin' wheels, copin' feels"

- Kevin

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Sale! Work Meister's 17x8/9 5x114.3 - $2600obo

Fresh, mint wheels looking for a new home. Buy yo'self a fucking dope ass Christmas present!

Work Meister's S1 (2-piece)
White faced/chrome lip
Fronts: 17x8j et. +28 205/40/17
Rears:17x9j et. +28 215/45/17


$2600obo w/ tyres
$2200obo w/o tyres

7028353286 - call/text

Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Findlay Honda/Acura Car Show

Covered by, our very own, Jimmy Chanthala.. Enjoy and follow our friends @ #WednesdayFriendsday!

More on the coverage, click:

Stickers! Peep the #WF sticker.

Left: A local Teal EG Hatch, that has been my favorite local Honda here in Vegas. Rockin' them CCW's with some real deal EG6 parts.
Right: Pretty cool NSX, I kinda want one.

"There's snakes on your shifter, Jimmy! Aaah~"

Mmm.. They were nice, they gave me lots of candy and popcorn :)

One of the very few VIP cars at the show.

Left: Hi Marvin.
Right: Meet Soko, newest of #WF.

Stay tuned, fairly shortly I will be posting the after photo-shoot with Jimmy.

- Kevin

A Few Events For Locals/Tourists This Week..

I know a lot of tourists/"out of towners" are in town for SEMA this week. Well, if you're in town and you're looking for a few things to do. Here's some events/meets we'll be at this week:

Wednesday, Nov. 3rd 2010 - Jon's Birthday!
@ #WednesdayFriendsday ; for more info text me.

Thursday, Nov. 4th 2010 - VIP SEMA 2010 Meet
375 Hughes Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89109 (Behind Bahama Breeze)
Meet, then cruise to Fukuburger in Chinatown.

Saturday, Nov. 6th 2010 - 360 Car Show
@ Tapout Training Center (4040 W. Hacienda Ave #130 Las Vegas, NV 89118)
$30 to register your car into the show
$5 for General Admission -OR- Bring an unwrapped toy for donation

For more info on registration/FAQs, click on the link.

- Kevin