Monday, November 29, 2010

Marilyn, the 350z sittin' pretty.

I'd like to give a shout-out to the homie, Deolio on the Slamburglars Forum, for sitting properly sidewaiiz and Happy Birthday ya old fart. Here's a little coverage of his little baby "Marilyn" doin' work at Word Up! (a little drift event presented by Fatlace, on 11/20/10).

With some gnar daily specs, sitting with BMW 7-series wheels
(F)19x10j -4et 235/35 ; (R)19x10j -12et 245/35

and for drifting, WedsSport TC105N/BMW 7-series combo
(F)18x9.5j -10et 225/40 ; (R)19x10j -12 et 245/35

Check out the rawness, doin' big boy thangs!

His wheel even popped off the bead, but that still didn't stop him from sliding that day.

He went to a local tire shop down the street, got it repaired and joined the next session.

Raw footage, filmed/edited by Max Gemmell

Big shout-out to my other fellow, Slamburglars "The Frame-Bang Gang", for being awesome and doing what they do best. "Tuckin' wheels, copin' feels"

- Kevin

Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Sale! Work Meister's 17x8/9 5x114.3 - $2600obo

Fresh, mint wheels looking for a new home. Buy yo'self a fucking dope ass Christmas present!

Work Meister's S1 (2-piece)
White faced/chrome lip
Fronts: 17x8j et. +28 205/40/17
Rears:17x9j et. +28 215/45/17


$2600obo w/ tyres
$2200obo w/o tyres

7028353286 - call/text

Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Findlay Honda/Acura Car Show

Covered by, our very own, Jimmy Chanthala.. Enjoy and follow our friends @ #WednesdayFriendsday!

More on the coverage, click:

Stickers! Peep the #WF sticker.

Left: A local Teal EG Hatch, that has been my favorite local Honda here in Vegas. Rockin' them CCW's with some real deal EG6 parts.
Right: Pretty cool NSX, I kinda want one.

"There's snakes on your shifter, Jimmy! Aaah~"

Mmm.. They were nice, they gave me lots of candy and popcorn :)

One of the very few VIP cars at the show.

Left: Hi Marvin.
Right: Meet Soko, newest of #WF.

Stay tuned, fairly shortly I will be posting the after photo-shoot with Jimmy.

- Kevin

A Few Events For Locals/Tourists This Week..

I know a lot of tourists/"out of towners" are in town for SEMA this week. Well, if you're in town and you're looking for a few things to do. Here's some events/meets we'll be at this week:

Wednesday, Nov. 3rd 2010 - Jon's Birthday!
@ #WednesdayFriendsday ; for more info text me.

Thursday, Nov. 4th 2010 - VIP SEMA 2010 Meet
375 Hughes Center Dr Las Vegas, NV 89109 (Behind Bahama Breeze)
Meet, then cruise to Fukuburger in Chinatown.

Saturday, Nov. 6th 2010 - 360 Car Show
@ Tapout Training Center (4040 W. Hacienda Ave #130 Las Vegas, NV 89118)
$30 to register your car into the show
$5 for General Admission -OR- Bring an unwrapped toy for donation

For more info on registration/FAQs, click on the link.

- Kevin

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Sale! XXR 002's 15x8 et +/- 0 with Toyo Tyres

Fo' $500.00obo ; Tyre size = 195/50/15 with about approx. ~70-80% tread.


LMK! or text 7028832590
- Kevin

The Chronicles... 2-Year Anniversary Celebration Event!

The Chronicles ( is having their 2-year anniversary event this weekend. Big shout outs to Phaze 2 and the Chronicles blog crew. This year their event is going to be at Eibach in Corona, CA. For more infomation, click on the link.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Check us out on Stance:Nation's SoCal Meet & Greet Video Coverage!

Big shoutout to Elvis and all of Stance:Nation for just being dope! Also, props to Kevin Kauffman for the dope coverage.

Comment the blog & join the forum! Real dope forum to talk about cars, life, and everything else.

- Kevin

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autocon (1st Underground event!) - Automotive Function & Charity Event (12/11/10)

About the Event:

Christmas comes early this year as AutoCon LA and the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots Foundation team up to host a charity/car show event. This event will take place on Saturday, Dec. 11th, 2010 in the underground parking structure of Seasons Place Plaza in the City of Industry. As the normal car show season comes to a close, AutoCon LA plans to bring together some of the hottest rides of the west coast back for one last show. With the two organizations paired together, they seek to help spread the joy and cheer of the holiday season to those less fortunate. By doing this, we are giving back to the community in hopes for a better tomorrow.

For more information and to register:

or for just information:

*local authorities have been contacted and are aware of this event.

but please don't act immaturely by revving, burnning out, etc.

We may go to this, depending on situations in that month; however, whether or not we go, you should go to support the great cause!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Uh oh! Surprise?

Stay tuned.

Our Little Vacation to LA

We were completely stoked for the whole Stance:Nation Greet & Meet, so stoked that we all barely had any sleep. Most of us didn't even sleep at all, better yet get any more than 2 hours of sleep. Throughout the day, we had our little-mini photographer Ariel take photographs; however, she didn't exactly keep up with where we were at so this post will be short lol. Any who, here's a little recap of what happened throughout the day:

Shoutout to Ariel (left) & Danika (right) for coming to LA with us.

Leaving Vegas late lol.

Pilot & Co-Pilot

Had the "home-made" sign ready, Phil & Charles had the legit official one.

Decided to stop at Baker, to grab some Alien Beef Jerky. Really good jerky btw, $20 for 3 packs or just $8 per pack. GO grab some it's worth it!

Finally, on the way to Placentia/LA. Took some dope rolling shots on the way there, too bad the photographer was in my car. (lol) If you want to view the pictures in full size, right click on the picture and select "View Image"

We finally arrived at our destination (surprisingly early as well), got a parking that was "in-the-cut" and we didn't even know.

Ariel decided to take a few photos of herself, my shoes, and us chilling.

Unraveled the masking tape and then we started wiping down the bug guts off our cars.

Single shots.

Phil had to re-ziptie his lip.

Our little coverage of the meet, and a cool photograph Ariel took. We left shortly after this, to go eat at Chik-Fila. We took an adventure all the way to Imperial Hwy just to find out Chik-Fila was closed. So, we decided to just eat at Wendy's. After we ate, we went to Downtown Disney to go lollygag/foolaround/galavante.

Sup dough!? Shoutout to my cousin Lance & Omar for the JIVU shirt, watch for the come up!

Family picture :]

Random, cute things.

So, that was our conclusion to our trip. The long ride back home was intense and funny/crazy at the same time. Shoutouts to all the people who greeted us at the meet and gave DAP for our cars. Also, big shoutout to Will from JustStance/Night-Import for being a great friend/supporter. Oh and hi Lambert from MotorMavens, we see you!

- Kevin